Specialist Therapy for Fear Phobias & Anxieties

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Hythe, Hampshire

Specialist Anxiety Therapist UK

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Tom Buckland Psychotherapy Services

Alresford, Hampshire


Hypnosis has been used for thousands of years as a therapeutic tool and is completely safe. In fact the word comes from the Greek word ‘hypnos’ which means sleep, and is used because you may lazy and sleepy under hypnosis. There is no way you can be out of control under hypnosis. You can talk and listen under hypnosis just as well as you can in your normal state. The power of hypnosis is it allows the subconscious mind to take on positive ideas in there purest form. This is why you can’t be manipulated under hypnosis. If you feel an idea is negative, you will reject it. Most people go into a form of hypnosis a couple of times a day without realising it. Forget being in a trance or having no recall of being put under. You are just talked into a state of relaxation by the therapist. It feels different to each person, but as an example, remember a time when you were laying on the beach. The warmth of the sun is on your face, you have your eyes closed and gradually you feel relaxed, almost sleepy. The sounds around you; the sea, the children’s excited voices, the helicopter flying overhead, these all gradually merge into one sound as you feel totally still and relaxed. This is a form of hypnosis. In the therapy room, you may feel so relaxed that your mind wanders and you stop listening to what the therapist is saying. Don’t worry. Your sub-conscious mind will still take in everything that is being said.

Hypnosis is used so your therapist can work with you sub-conscious mind. It is here that things have been repressed or things have been coded wrongly ( As with smoking, where the sub-conscious mind has written a code to tell the conscious mind that smoking is a natural act. This then becomes an automated act. By re-coding the sub-conscious mind, the craving to smoke disappears). This form of hypnosis works wonderfully well for confidence building etc. Afterwards you will feel relaxed, and full of well-being.


NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is one of the most exciting new therapies to develop in recent times. It has an understanding of how the brain (and mind) works, which has developed even more in recent years as neuro science allows us the explore the brain in more detail.

As NLP has a deep understanding of how the brain works, and why we might react to certain situations in life, it can therefore know how to change this. So for example, when someone suffers from a past trauma, we know that the pictures made in the mind when remembering that trauma have a certain emotional tag that is used time and time again. By changing how the picture is produced in the mind, the emotional tag can be changed, and allow the person to feel differently about the trauma.

It can be used with phobias and fears, changes of behaviours and actions, and combined with other approaches is a powerful therapy and also part of a life coaching tool.


CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) is similar to NLP as it looks at how the brain/mind works, and ways to produce changes. Much of the therapy can look at how thoughts can create emotions, but behaviours can create thoughts and then produce the emotions. Much of CBT involves looking at what the person is doing to create all the thoughts, feelings and behaviours around an issue they wish to change, so then the work is at changing these to produce a better response and feelings.

CBT often carries on outside the therapy room, with tasks and experiments to use in life between the sessions and therefore speed up changes.


A gentle talking therapy that allows a client to be able to reframe (alter perceptions) of beliefs or past events to allow them to move forward in their life. Seeing a counsellor gives you a safe space and someone to talk to, who becomes your support and the two of us can form a safe therapeutic relationship that allows change. Unlike hypnotherapy and NLP, not so many direct techniques are used during the session. This means you have time to explore your feelings in a non-judgmental environment. Consequently, counselling can be gentler and slower paced than hypnotherapy, NLP and CBT, as it’s non-directive.


This is a longer-term Counselling approach in which the therapy helps you look at deeper psychological parts of yourself over time. These might be defence mechanisms, behaviours or attitudes. The therapy helps you grow as a person as more understanding and self-awareness develops.



Coaching can be a stand-a-lone approach or be part of the overall way of dealing with an issue. Coaching looks at solutions, how to set and achieve goals, how to get to where you want to be in life and how to overcome barriers and obstacles which are stopping you achieving.

Rewind Therapy

Rewind therapy is a specialist approach for Anxiety and Phobias and Trauma. Click here for more details.

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Tom is based in Hythe Hampshire, and also central London.

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